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sea hag

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hmmm [07 Aug 2008|09:08am]
what should i be for halloween?
deaf the masses

hot damn [06 Aug 2008|10:50am]
oh livejournal has it really been this long?
how could i have cast you off to the side so callously?
i promise to make it up to you i really do...
deaf the masses

just joined - looks cool [05 Apr 2006|03:21pm]

check it out!
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derka derka derka [04 Oct 2005|01:09am]
failed attempts at : making it to class, conversation, homework, sleeping, life in general
laying sick in bed unable to sleep unable to move unwilling to think, staring at the bubbles on my ceiling
the comfort in a good bottle of wine (or two) and the ease of a safety glass smile
talks of reincarnation and philosophy and life and who whatsits on the front porch while the scent of fall teasing and scornful, caresses in the night
home to my bed and my head is brimming swimming teeming with delusions
watching a film and he's more twisted up than i am false senses of relief im always trying to prolong
sleepovers that lead nowhere but i still long for the bit of extra warmth on the sheets after they're gone
always busily rushing and fussing about nothing and nowhere
the bigger picture gets more confusing as the post-its consume more and more
carpools and stolen margaritas, bong rips and floppy dildos
friends come and gone, but it all feels the same
longing for closer but i cant play the games
tequila and cigarettes (but im not supposed to tell)
missions that are conceived to be impossible the crash is softer if you can brace for the landing
the weirdness in my gut doenst seem to spread so much anymore
or is it that im getting better at pretending its not there
anger eating through the core of it all stripping everything down til its raw
what is it that i have to do to carve you out of my head
id do it i promise just to not have that _______
filling in the blank and you know it would work
besides i know im the only one sorry im not around anymore
its not so bad im tired of having to tell myself that
panic attacks and crushing frustration lead to dropped classes and more opened schedules
detatchment from humanity does it fuel or stunt
either way its hard for me to give up
deaf the masses

[29 Sep 2005|01:04am]
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hell yea man thats where i go [05 Aug 2005|10:40am]
deaf the masses

[05 Aug 2005|10:10am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

So last night I met
George motherfucking Clinton
Thats right, the funkiest cat alive
And you know you're so jealous
Pictures to come

deaf the masses

[10 Jul 2005|10:08pm]
so you think you know what it entails planning it out with a lime and a twist
wasting your time on all that wastes you but a cock of the head and a lilt in your smile and it all gets played out the same tired way
sacrificing most of my time to purge the wanting im ashamed to admit
thinking dreaming hoping in storyboards and reels playing the game but never getting the sprockets to fit right
and you're thinking in dollars and signs changing your sheen to the best shine to blind those that can't tell that all the while you're oozing snoozes
trying to rid myself of the need to believe in pedestals waitng for the day when i'll stop falling to my knees at the first chance
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[08 Jul 2005|02:52pm]

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deaf the masses

[15 Jun 2005|01:38pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

it was a beautiful drive to my internship this morning, the temperature was perfect.
first time in a while it hasn't been overly humid.
it set the pleasant mood for my whole day. i love mornings like that.
i feel so inspired. maybe i'll create something when i get home.
ive been spending a ridiculous amount of time drinking by the pool lately.
matt im'd me from london today.
i miss nashville.
but atlanta's been treating me well so far.
my last month in a nutshell: illegal street races, bottle rockets, tons of sushi and sake, reconnecting with my sister, an INSANE amount of alcohol, feeling crazed from working two jobs, bar hopping with people who make me laugh, two ALMOST trips to cali, missing 3 really good shows, getting in a fight with vibe magazine.
things looking forward to this summer: many many good shows, more sushi and sake, even more alcohol, 10 day house party at my place, FIREWORKS, roadtrips to savannah, new orleans and nashville.
plus hopefully a lot more good times that i'm not even expecting.

deaf the masses

[25 May 2005|12:21pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

You're the Indie Guru!
You're the Indie Guru!
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You're practically too cool for words. You've got more indie rock knowledge in your pinky finger than Guided By Voices has songs! You went to your first Mudhoney concert when you were 14. You knew Green Day before they sold out to the masses. You can name every side project Lou Barlow has been in, complete with all album and song titles. You throw out words like "Thurston," "lo-fi," and "Kill Rock Stars." You wear jeans, old band tees, Converse. You hang with other gurus and people you can lord over. You're intelligent, but big-headed. Passionate, but hot-tempered. You will one day rule the earth.

finally somebody else realizes how insanely awesome i am. i especially like the i will one day rule the earth part. cuz its gonna happen. oh yes it is.
deaf the masses

[25 May 2005|09:57am]
5/26 - Snow Patrol
5/27 - ReBirth Brass Band
5/27 - Autechre
5/28 - 5/29 - Atlanta Jazz Festival
5/30 - Bright Eyes/The Faint
6/1 - Tom Collins
6/1 - Spoon
6/3 - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, The Oranges Band
6/4 - The Blood Brothers
6/5 - Rilo Kiley (come see me register people to vote)
6/6 - Melt Banana
6/10 - The White Stripes
6/11 - Big Boi
6/11 - Brazilian Girls
6/11 - Common
6/11 - Pixies
6/11 - Robert Randolph and the Family Band
6/11 - The Features
6/11 - The Killers
6/12 - Public Enemy
6/13 - Camper Van Beethoven and Modest Mouse
6/21 - The Moody Blues
6/22 - Billy Corgan
6/22 - Jason Mraz
6/24 - Zooma Tour: Ben Harper, Gomez, Toots and the Maytals
6/28 - Comets on Fire
7/17 - Elvis Costello
8/27 - BB King, Steve Miller Band
9/3 - Jack Johnson
9/20 - Paul McCartney
9/27 - Oasis
9/28 - Coldplay, Rilo Kiley

6/8 - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, The Oranges Band
6/18 - Mile 8, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
6/21 - Jason Mraz
6/28 - Willie Nelson
7/14 - The Hackensaw Boys
7/30 - Mile 8
deaf the masses

everybody click this link [25 May 2005|09:54am]
deaf the masses

musings [18 May 2005|09:24am]
[ mood | drained ]

i feel like my life is one long struggle to not be cliche
im always scheduling myself to get my ass kicked...who thought it was a good idea to work and intern this summer? my bank account
is it weird to be 21 and feel so old? that scares me, theres so much i want to do/experience/be and i dont know if i'll be able to do any of it
my mom tells me 'welcome to the real world'
id rather live in my head then
i wish someone would read between my lines and realize who/what i really want
why cant i forgive my own faults?
i am destined to be alone, i accept it but fear it more each day
the worst feeling in the world is knowing you dont matter
or i guess i should say not mattering to the ones that matter to you
why do i always want to be someones friend more than they want to be mine
i long to be a free spirit
im so cynical about love because i'll never have it
dont ever take any of this seriously, its just the lines that run through my head
home is always bittersweet
for once i wish i could be pursued and not in the crazy stalker type way
i cannot begin to explain how much i loathe getting up early in the morning
playing with photography chemicals can lead to parkinsons disease

deaf the masses

[07 May 2005|01:07pm]
boredomCollapse )
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[24 Apr 2005|02:01pm]
Getting too busy to make amends
I should try to make it right
Are you ready for the shit to hit
I think you say you are but aren't
Doctor make it better instantly
You're the only one who can
I've waited here my whole damn life
And I've forgotten what I wanted

Maybe I can do it
If I put my back into it
I can leave you if I wanted
But there's nowhere else that I can go

Maybe I won't suffer
If I find a way to love here
I'd be lying to myself
But there is no way out that I can see

If I lied you'd know it instantly
So I just had to look away
All the honesty I've ever lost
I can't begin to even curse
I never knew the taste of blood till now
It's clear I never should have known
Breathing fire was never this much fun
So there's a dark side in us all
deaf the masses

pina coladas have never been so good [23 Apr 2005|01:24pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

this past week or two has been a blast
im so happy i decided to stop being a zombie and start hanging out
it just sucks that as usual, i jumped on the bandwagon too late
school's out in a couple of weeks and then its off for summer type activities
which for me = work intern intern work
i have a massive term paper due on tuesday and of course i have yet to start it
i think that if i can just sit down tomorrow and focus that i'll be alright
so im not as worried about it as i guess i should be

deaf the masses

[17 Apr 2005|10:57pm]
film festival = awesome
it is completely non stressful, i am so relieved
vida es bueno and that makes me an indescribable level of happy
who wants to go to iron and wine?
deaf the masses

[13 Apr 2005|01:57am]
[ mood | blah ]

why is it that no matter how much i accomplish i still always feel like a loser?
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[11 Apr 2005|11:29pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

i had this crazy dream last night.
i was in alabama in a bicycle race to atlanta.
except i had an imaginary bicycle, that is i only had a bicycle seat that i clamped between my legs.
and yet i still moved.
and karen genung was in the race with me.
except she was going to south carolina.
and then we ended up at some person's house.
and were jumping off swingsets.

thats been happening a lot lately.
i have terrible insomnia, and then when i do sleep i have super crazy dreams.

im at this point in my life right now where i feel like i need to break away from my old habits and move on.
and im really ready to do this and whats even more want to do this.
but in order for it to happen i have to 'let go' of people in my life.
and i feel really guilty about that.
even though i know that this will happen eventually anyway whether it be now or in a year or so.
not that i fully want to sever relationships (im notorious for doing such things) but its still going to be hard.
i just want something different out of life/for my life than they do.
and im tired of feeling like i have to sacrifice something in order to have friends.

ive been hanging out with my neighbors more in the past couple of weeks.
it has been really cool and has made me feel like i fit in here at belmont more.
i just wish that it hadn't taken almost two years for me to do this.

the film festival starts this week and im really fucking nervous about it.
i hope things go well and i don't become as stressed out as i feel i am going to be.
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