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unknown quotient

sea hag
30 January 1984
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soundtrack to my life.

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abstract music, absurdity, accents, adult swim, alcohol, andy warhol, antiwar, anything sexual, anything weird, art, astronomy, atlanta music, ayn rand, b-movies, back roads, barcelona, baths, beauty, beer, belmont university, belts, black & white photographs, black humor, blood and gore, books, boys, bright colors, burlesque, cameras, camping, candles, cemeteries, cheesy special effects, chuck palahniuk, cinematography, colored mascara, concerts, cool hair, cristina ricci, cuddling, dark and morbid things, dorks, dr pepper, drinking, driving, earrings, ed norton, edward gorey, edward scissorhands, europe, experimental music, eyeliner, fake glasses, fashion, fire, fireworks, fishnets, flirting, foreign cultures, frisbee, furry things, getting into trouble, girl interrupted, glitter, going to shows, guys in bands, hallucinations, hammocks, hanging out, henna, hillsboro village, horror movies, hot dogs, hunter s. thompson, impressionism, independence, independent film, indian culture, indie rock, indie rockers, jewelry, johnny depp, kissing, kurt vonnegut, liberalism, local scene, lps, lust, making money, making out, memento, mohawks, mountains, mulholland drive, music, nashville, openmindedness, paint, peanut butter and chocolate, philosophy, photography, piercings, plus/minus, political activism, polka dots, procrastinating, protests, punk rock, punky guys, reading, requiem for a dream, road trips, run lola run, salvador dali, sex, shoes, shopping, skirts, skulls, slc punk, sleeping, snow, spain, sparkles, sparkly things, spontaneity, stars, stickers, storms, stripes, sunsets, tattoos, the simpsons, thrifting, tim burton, traveling, vampires, vegging, vintage clothes, vinyl, wine, witkin, zombies, ,